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Non-Toxic Foaming Antiseptic Sanitizer

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Total Sanitizer is an FDA Registered, proprietary formula that’s SAFE & EFFECTIVE!

Our active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK)- a dual-function  disinfectant, that is known to kill fungus, bacteria and inhibit viruses over an extended period of time.    BZK is non flammable, non-irritating and odorless.  

Total Sanitizer is completely non-toxic, free of Alcohol  & Triclosan.  Our formula contains unique conditioning and moisturizing ingredients that leave the skin with a soft, refreshing after feel.

Learn More About BZK Here:

3rd Party Tested Formula!

Total Sanitizer’s proprietary formula has been 3rd Party Lab Tested for safety and efficacy by A&B Labs (Houston, TX). 

The conclusion:  Total Sanitizer, when 0.8g foamed, has shown to be 100% efficient in killing microorganisms within 20 seconds of contact time.” (A&B, April 2020/ Job ID: 20040976).

Customer Testimonials

Travis, San Bernadino, CA- Loyal Customer
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I have been using TS Sanitizer for about a year or two now. it keeps me safe, but it also feels like it moisturizes my hands. Other sanitizer seem to dry out my hands. I really love this product. Our whole family uses it.
Prince Hall Mason Banquet Lodge (PHM)
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The PHM facility managers were seeking a more effective way to protect their hundreds of banquet hall patrons from spreading germs and contaminating their facility for future events. ABC (now known as Total Sanitizer) was able to recommend and provide an antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer for the common areas and bathrooms. ABC (now known as Total Sanitizer) was also able to provide the bug repellent/insecticide product for the food area to address the client’s issues with fruit flies and other insects that were present after food was left in the banquet and kitchen areas.)
Dawn (via facebook)
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I love using Total Sanitizer. It’s perfect for sensitive skin!! And it’s hurt free. Love Love Love Total Sanitizer!!! Great Product.
Brigitte, Brookfield, WI- Loyal Customer
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I recently started using total sanitizer and I absolutely love it. It is not drying like others I have tried in the past. It also doesn’t have a strong perfume smell. I love it!!!!
Mississippi Public Safety
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With their officers coming into daily contact with potentially dangerous germs, bacteria and diseases, MPS was looking for a more effective protection for officers during these potentially dangerous encounters. ABC (now known as Total Sanitizer) was able to solve this issue by providing our patented alcohol-free hand sanitizer that offers a residual efficacy higher than the alcohol-based product they currently used. After testing our hand sanitizer with positive reviews, MPS is now very interested in utilizing other products to solve their facility sanitation needs.
Dan, Ft. Lauderdale, FL- Loyal Customer
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“It’s a great product!!! Everyone I know likes the feel and the protection on there skin . Wow no alcohol and it protects longer and it’s all green!! I only suggestion to Total Sanitizer please share this product with schools, gyms, house holds, and any public places where people can use this product to protect them Coronavirus and other bacteria’s !! Keep doing what u are doing Total Sanitizer!!! Cheers!”
Nyesha, Atlanta, GA- Loyal Customer
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When looking for products for my family and I, I always try to stick to the least harmful ones I can find. We have never been fans of alcohol based sanitizers and finding an alcohol free sanitizer can be nearly impossible. Until now! We are thrilled to have discovered Total Hand Sanitizer! We love that it is alcohol free, and doesn’t dry our skin out like most alcohol based sanitizers do. It’s also free of harmful chemicals that you find in other sanitizers. As we all know, in our new normal of Covid-19, it’s important to have a sanitizer you can trust that won’t harm your body when using it. Total Hand Sanitizer is now a staple in our home and on the go to help protect us from Covid-19, germs, and bacteria.

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