About Us

Total Sanitizer is a 100% woman owned and operated business based in Georgia, USA.  Established in 2016, Total Sanitizer specializes in the delivery of hospital grade, eco friendly hand hygiene products to the world.  

Our belief is that consistent and proper hand hygiene practices are essential in preventing the spread of dangerous, illness causing bacteria, pathogens, viruses and infections- which include respiratory infections, in the communities we all live, work and play.  

The proprietary formula behind our line of FDA Registered, non-toxic hand hygiene products is 3rd party tested- killing 99.999% of “most illness causing germs” in under 20 seconds.  

As a completely non-toxic formula, Total Sanitizer provides protection and assurances that generic, gel based alcohol sanitizers cannot.  Our products offer maximum residual protection, are odor free, non-flammable and completely non-toxic- making it safe for children and those with sensitive skin.


Clean. Safe. Prepared.

Superior Hand Hygiene Products

Total Sanitizer’s line of FDA registered, antiseptic hand hygiene solutions are Clean (eco friendly) and Safe (3rd party tested for safety) helping you live a full and Prepared (pro-active hand hygiene) life. 


Total Sanitizer Decontamination is the service arm of Total Sanitizer- providing superior facility decontamination services for businesses of all sizes.  We specialize in the use of the right products, the right procedures and the right people to provide maximum protection for your staff and patrons.  

For more information on our facility decontamination services and products, visit:  totalsanitizerdecon.com