Family Sanitizer Kit w/ Free Shipping


Preparedness is the key to Prevention!  Our Family Sanitizer Kits make the perfect addition to any household.  Get yours today! 

1- Canister of Antiseptic Hand/Skin Wipes (70 ct)

1- 7.5 0z bottle of Total Sanitizer’s Foaming Antiseptic Hand/Skin Sanitizer

3- Reusable Fabric Masks & 1 Tie Style Face Covering

1- Cinch Sack, Total Sanitizer Water Bottle, Total Sanitizer Bracelet, Refrigerator Magnet

AND FREE SHIPPING (contiguous US only)


Product Description

Preparedness is the key to Prevention.  Total Sanitizer’s Family Sanitizer Kit is an essential tool for staying safe in our new reality- COVID-19. We understand  COVID is a highly transmittable disease- but can be prevented with certain precautions.

Total Sanitizer’s Family Sanitizer Kits are equipped with a 7.5 oz bottle of our proprietary foaming antiseptic sanitizer which is completely safe for children and those with sensitive skin, antiseptic hand/skin wipes, three reusable cloth masks, 1 face covering/tie mask, cinch sack, fridge magnet and bracelet.

Total Sanitizer’s formula is completely non-toxic, alcohol-free, and is FDA registered.  Our proprietary formula is 3rd party lab tested, killing 99.999% of most common, illness-causing germs in just 15 seconds! This product is designed for frequent use and  Total Sanitizer products are completely non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-damaging to your skin, clothing, or surfaces- and is child-safe when used as directed. The Total Sanitizer formula delivers up to 3 hours of residual protection after one application to the hands. Unlike traditional gel-based sanitizers, our sanitizer doesn’t contain agents that dry and irritate the skin and ey

Lab Tested for safety and efficacy. Kills 99.999% of most common illness-causing germs.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 24 × 3 in


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