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We often think about washing our hands or cleaning up before we eat, before bed and after we use the restroom. What about all of the encounters that take place in the middle of our busy days? Take a quick look at your top five dirtiest places to touch or be. I bet your day just got more interesting! Read along. 

#1 Let’s talk about money and all of it’s dirty little secrets! No, we won’t be personally exposing anyone here today, just cash, cards, coins and all of its bacteria. Paper money can harbor thousands of microbes from every environment it touches. Cash circulates through people as it circulates the globe. Facts show that cash often includes indicators of life habits of those who carry it. That’s right, that same dollar bill that you gave your child to buy ice cream, has traces of drugs and bodily germs from around the world all over it. 80% of ten one-dollar bills are coated with cocaine. Another gem we found about money with Time is the amount of vaginal reminisce and other human DNA including viruses and pet DNA. Long story short, if you needed a reminder, wash your hands often and more importantly, DO NOT PUT MONEY IN YOUR MOUTH or on your bareskin. 

Swipers aren’t necessarily safe either, for those of us who do not carry physical money but card, think about how dirty your credit cards and cell phone cases are? Your cell phone is ten times dirtier than a toilet seat. Imagine how many people are touching that Visa everytime you’re out swiping? Yikes! 

#2 The government has recently decided to open gyms back up to the public – Great! Some physical movement and stress release sounds refreshing in these anxious times. Upon your visit back to the gym or clinic, don’t forget about all of the dead skin cells, pathogens and bacteria floating around those beloved weights and foam workout benches. 

Be careful at the gym, Pick Up Gains! Not Germs! A trip to the steamy gym isn’t complete without exposure to some good ol’ 

  • Skin Infections 
  • Pneumonia 
  • E. Coli 
  • Gonorrhea 
  • Yeast Infections 
  • Influenza 
  • Norovirus 
  • Hepatitis B 
  • Malaria 
  • Septicemia 

Before you head back into your local community gym, think smart and stay prepared. Total Sanitizer, unlike alcohol sanitizers and home-made sanitizers, Total Sanitizer foaming skin sanitizer can protect your skin while sculpting your body. Whatever kind of health adventure you’re on, protect your skin and your body. We think your health is worth it!

#3 So you’re at home and finally you get to relax on the couch. Your snacks are gathered, any loved ones you want are around or you’ve got the couch entirely to yourself – either way it’s a party – A couch party! You reach for the remote and continue to flip to your favorite show. At this point, your shoveling snacks in your mouth and all the filth, dirt and bacteria units living in between the volume buttons are headed straight to your mouth. 

Scratched body parts, hours of laziness, dander, dandruff and skin cells have collected on your remote and now you’re in prime position to swallow cookies and salty bacteria units. How’s that for a sweet and salty combo? How does 3,000 units of bacteria from who knows where jammed in between the home button and power button taste with those chips? While our friends at Forbes point out 5 other popular dirty gadgets , grab one of our wipe and enjoy your down time in a clean environment. 

#4 Rideshares & Airports are heavily used by everyone in the community and are exposed to bacteria, fungus and pathogens from all seats across the world. Just to be clear here, we’re talking about cushion seats, leather seats, handles and cloth materials circulated amongst the public. Rideshares have been assessed by Netquote insurance aggregator swabbed the interior of rental cars, taxis and rideshares to reveal that there are germs and pathogens inside of the rideshare that may get you sick. There are 6 million units of colony forming units in a rideshare. For reference, that article reveals that swabbed toilet seats are cleaner than your average steering wheel! Imagine what’s in the back seat with you? 

Total Sanitizer is committed to providing clean solutions for a community on the go. Be sure to check out some of our solutions to keep you clean, safe and prepared wherever life takes you.


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